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The Lathe Of Heaven

The Lathe Of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin This book is filled with philosophy, horror, science fiction, romance. Horror because Mt. Hood becoming an active volcano is scary to any Oregonian. There's undercurrents of Shakespeare and Brave New World. It's overwhelming in scope. Those fascinated by the workings of the brain will love this. I kept thinking as I was reading, "We really do NOT want to know what dreams may come..."

Also, Mt. Hood is really overdone as a huge photograph, I loved it being a gag, I loved the way Ursula showed how something naturally beautiful, majestic can be commercialized, reduced in some way by mass production - which is encapsulates Haber's problems. Remaking is not bettering.

Watch out for post-apocalyptic rain. It's like warm soup. Ew.

Also, Murakami: eat your heart out! Aliens giving Beatles records to their antique-ing customers. Can't top that.

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