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MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood Too much daytime drama? It's the marriage book of the series? Series endings are never fun?

I agree with all of these observations, but Atwood brought it home with Blackbeard and the Crakers. The past two books I was rolling my eyes as the Crakers waved their blue genitalia around, but now I'm feeling a little brotherly love for them.

Atwood goes techno-Beowulf on us with corporate name-slogans (AnooYoo Spa) like kennings and she's adopting the storyteller structure to answer questions raised in the past 2 books and turn the reader's view a few degrees to get the whole picture of the collapse of civilization.

Yes, it's less gritty, but it's a fitting end.

And I'd five-star it just for Toby's inward grousing about Swift Fox.

"'Gender roles suck,' says Swift Fox.
Then you should stop playing them, thinks Toby." (342)

High five, Atwood, high five.
I'll definitely re-read the series.

I like how the AV Club recommends that you read the series in reverse order (shaggy dog story syndrome).,102587/

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