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Stone Mattress: Thirteen Tales

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales - Margaret Atwood I loved "The Dead Hand Loves You" way more than I should've. I dig the old horror, just watched The Thing That Wouldn't Die last night. The tropes are amazing - the wide eyes, the unbridled lust! This collection is not a collection of short stories, it's a collection of smirks. Atwood is very smirky, but also touching. The last story is like a weird version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, an old woman who's losing her sight trusts a bombastic fellow senior citizen to tell her the truth (while she hallucinates little fairy-like creatures). Some of the stories are interconnected, which ended up throwing me off, because I expected the rest of the collection to be like that. But what more could one want? Some familiar plot devices mixed in with the unexpected. Great public transit reading.

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