I'm an eclectic reader.


BodyWorld - Dash Shaw This is one beautiful book. I'll call it a gonzo graphic novel, because even though Paulie is a botanist, he could just as well be in a convertible heading to Las Vegas. Quidditch? Forget Quidditch. Play some Die-Ball. Just like a reader can sink into the world of Harry Potter, he/she can sink into BodyWorld. Youthful angst, crotchety elders with unscrupulous motives. The art is like oil paintings one moment, then Archie & Friends the next. The title is painted on the pages. The boxes may be read in order vertically or horizontally. Often images collide like a mirage. The reader will either get a headache or fall in love.

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Golden Son
Pierce Brown
Lumberjanes, Volume 1
Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, Brooke Allen
Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, Fourth Edition
Richard E. Bopp, Linda C. Smith